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Sea Shore


Dear Soul Purpose Seeker,


I am excited you have decided to join forces with My Soul Purpose Project to help propel you towards your best life.


The Program


The program consists of 4 one hour virtual sessions (held once a week for 4 weeks via Zoom) in which we identify your main life’s purpose or purposes, determine the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward, and construct action steps to help get you going. We will be measuring your progress through a before and after survey and will offer one hour follow up sessions as needed.


The weeks are organized as follows.


Week One - Intro/Explanation. Identify one or two soul purposes you are working with.

Week Two - Discuss your soul purpose as it relates to career, relationships, money, and health.

Week Three- Look closer at a specific issue or block and define ways to overcome it.

Week Four- Continue discussion from week 3, summarize, and complete an action plan.

Follow-Up - Customized sessions following the format above to re-energize or address new obstacles and changing conditions.


Each session will include a tarot layout and discussion, dream interpretation where appropriate, distance energy healing, flower essence recommendations, and action steps. A summary of each meeting will be provided on a shared google doc for easy access and review.




I recommend that you find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted and dress in comfortable clothing. Often, clients will lay down during the healing component. 


I provide background music for the healing. However, if you have a musical or sound healing preference or prefer silence, that is fine as well. 


The Tarot


There are varying views on the tarot and how it works so I thought I would mention briefly here how I use the cards. 


Each deck offers beautiful images with a symbolic language that covers soul and daily life issues. Through the different layouts or spreads, the cards take on specific meanings. I use them as a starting point for discussion and believe that everyone knows their inner truth and can identify when an accurate point is made. In addition, the messages brought forth are never set in stone. They reflect a point in time that can be changed by altering your actions and thoughts. 




Once I receive your payment, I will send you a link to the zoom meeting that can be used each time you log in. I request that we schedule the same day and time each week and that they are consecutive, so please find a time that will work. I do allow one reschedule per session.




I accept venmo, paypal or a mailed check and all payments must be made in advance of the first session.


Thanks again for making the commitment to improving yourself and the world.  I look forward to working together.


With Light and Love,

Wendy Saydah

My Soul Purpose

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