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I use a variety of techniques to help access your inner wisdom.

The Tarot

Tarot cards have been around for thousands of years. People have used them to help gain insight into their lives (and the lives of others) and to identify major issues that come to play at different points. I believe that everyone inherently knows their truth. The cards help to bring these issues to the surface. They are catalysts for our intuition and should be used as a starting point for discussion. After we discuss your life’s ambitions and obstacles, we will use the cards to further delve into messages and details that may be hidden. When the answer is right, you will know.


Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is an excellent way to bring the truths hidden within the subconscious mind to the awareness of our consciousness. I believe that we all have access to our inner wisdom and can use our dreams to help identify our fears and desires as well as ways to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. Throughout my program, clients record dream symbols on a worksheet provided and together we identify the messages presented. The goal is to empower clients with the ability and habit of interpreting their own dreams as they move forward in their lives.



I have been a massage, Reiki and craniosacral therapist for over 20 years. I offer both in-person and virtual session,  performing Reiki in most online sessions as it is a gentle and effective energy healing practice which lends itself perfectly to distance healing. I spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes, usually at the end of each session, to seal the discoveries and allow all the information to sink into our energy bodies. Often, additional clarification is achieved during the healing. For those who are able to come in person, I offer a combination of hands-on techniques depending on the unique needs of each client. 

Moon Phase Planning 


This technique follows the different phases of the moon to help organize your goals into a cyclical pattern of meditating, creating, envisioning, planning, executing, re-evaluating, surrendering, releasing, forgiving, resting, healing, regrouping and then revising and moving into a new cycle. It is a very powerful tool to help manifest your dreams and desires. 


Soul Journaling  


By practicing the art of consistent journaling, you will learn to write freely without judgement and tap into your inner voice, which holds all the answers. You will be offered prompts related to your specific questions which will lead to clearer insights. Eventually, you will be able to connect to your inner wisdom on a regular basis without the need for outside assistance. 


Flower Essence Therapy

I have studied and worked with these homeopathic remedies for over 10 years as a way to manage and balance emotions. I chose the Bach Flower Essence Family for this project as the 38 standard formulas are clearly described and it is easy to select appropriate remedies. In addition, the company is well known with a proven track record. Depending on the unique issues of each participant, I will recommend a flower essence or two to help balance emotions that may be inhibiting progress.