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I look forward to having you join me in exploring your soul's fullest potential. 


My Story

I am a healer, writer, musician, outdoor enthusiast, skier, biker and mother. I am a seeker of the truth and have spent countless hours working to identify my own soul’s purpose and overcome my individual obstacles. Through extensive study and practice, I have acquired advanced skills and knowledge and have made substantial personal progress. In recent years, I have felt an increasing draw to extend my experience to help others break through their unique limitations and move freely towards the lives they desire. 


I created My Soul Purpose Project at the start of the pandemic as a way to reach more people virtually and help guide them towards their truest life purpose. I use a variety of techniques  including distance Reiki healing, the tarot, moon phase planning, soul journaling, dream interpretation, and flower essence therapy.  Together with each client, I work to mutually uncover the most relevant issues and obstacles and create a custom program to meet their individual needs and learning styles. Most of my methods focus on bridging the subconscious and conscious minds, and my work is based on the premise that we all have the answers within. My aim is to bring these truths to the surface and help my clients move closer to their soul’s purpose. 







Soul Purpose Coaching

4-Week Soul Discovery

Reiki Distance Healing

Watercolor Painting


" Wendy is a true craftsperson. She has the knowledge and skills to make this process enjoyable and beneficial."

Ceri Ruenheck

Business Consultant

" I came away from each session feeling refreshed and refocused. Wendy is intuitive, kind, and supportive and I am looking forward to continuing my work with her."

Ann Whitney

Retired Teacher

"Wendy definitely has a gift for pulling together different themes going on in your life and transforming them into positive purposes. I highly recommend working with Wendy and her talents."

Anne Ferguson

Business Owner

"My Soul Purpose Project came to me exactly when I needed it. Wendy provided me with direction and resources to improve many aspects of my life. I love that I got things to do each week to keep me on track."

Jessica Yale

Graphic Designer

" I was pleasantly surprised at how well Wendy used the time and provided connectivity from one session to the next. The follow up with what we discussed was well documented, thorough and timely."

Daryl Fasig

Business Professional


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