My Soul Purpose Project

A Journey of Discovery

My Soul Purpose Project

I have created My Soul Purpose Project as a way to facilitate the self-discovery process by identifying one's individual soul themes, life patterns, and the blocks that prevent us from manifesting our full potential.

Tapping into five decades of life experience and study as well as the skills gained as a healer, I am able to help others move more quickly and directly towards their life's purpose.


The program consists of 4 one hour virtual sessions held once a week for 4 consecutive weeks. During this time, we explore and identify the evolution of your soul’s purpose as well as how it shows up in your career, relationships, money, and health. We then identify individual obstacles and address any specific questions. 


I use dream interpretation, tarot, distance healing, flower essence therapy, and other appropriate techniques and exercises. Each week begins with a discussion of progress and ends with the creation of actionable steps.


After the 4-week program is complete, I am available for one hour follow up sessions as needed.


What to Expect...

I use a variety of techniques, working together with each client, to mutually uncover the most relevant issues and obstacles. Most of these methods focus on bridging the subconscious and conscious minds. My work is based on the premise that we all have the answers within. My aim is to bring these truths to the surface and help my clients move closer to their soul’s purpose.


Here is a further explanation of what to expect.


The Tarot


Tarot cards have been around for thousands of years. People have used them to help gain insight into their lives (and the lives of others) and to identify major issues that come to play at different points. I believe that everyone inherently knows their truth. The cards help to bring these issues to the surface. They are catalysts for our intuition and should be used as a starting point for discussion. After we discuss your life’s ambitions and obstacles, we will use the cards to further delve into messages and details that may be hidden. When the answer is right, you will know.


Dream Interpretation


Dreams interpretation is an excellent way to bring the truths hidden within the subconscious mind to the awareness of our consciousness. I believe that we all have access to our inner wisdom and can use our dreams to help identify our fears and desires as well as ways to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. Throughout my program, clients record dream symbols on a worksheet provided and together we identify the messages presented. The goal is to empower clients with the ability and habit of interpreting their own dreams as they move forward in their lives.


Distance Energy Healing


I have been a massage and craniosacral therapist for nearly 20 years and a Reiki Practitioner for over 10. I have decided to perform Reiki in my online sessions as it is a gentle and effective energy healing practice which lends itself perfectly to distance healing. I spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes, usually at the end of each session, to seal the discoveries and allow all the information to sink into our energy bodies. Often, additional clarification is achieved during the healing. 

Flower Essence Therapy


I have studied and worked with these homeopathic remedies for over 10 years as a way to manage and balance emotions. I chose the Bach Flower Essence Family for this project as the 38 standard formulas are clearly described and it is easy to select appropriate remedies. In addition, the company is well known with a proven track record. Depending on the unique issues of each participant, I will recommend a flower essence or two to help balance emotions that may be inhibiting progress.


Programs and Pricing


4-Week Soul Discovery

This program consists of 4 one-on-one virtual sessions which meet for one hour via zoom once a week. 


Before the program begins, you will be asked to complete a brief survey which will help to gauge your current perspective, perceived obstacles, specific questions you have related to your life's purpose, and goals. Upon completion, you will take a closing survey which will measure your progress and outline action steps for moving forward.

We will start by addressing the past, present, and future issues surrounding your soul's purpose and will then move into addressing how your unique purpose effects your career, relationships, money, and health. We will look at any obstacles and the best ways to address them. The final session will summarize the program, define a clearer picture and provide actionable steps. 

I will be using dream interpretation, tarot, energy healing, and flower essence therapy.

One Hour Follow Up


One hour zoom sessions will be available as needed to help you stay on track, answer new questions, and adjust strategies to accommodate change.

During these follow up sessions, we build upon the knowledge and direction gained from the initial 4-week program. I will continue to use dream interpretation, tarot, energy healing, and flower essence therapy as well as other appropriate techniques and exercises (which are constantly evolving). 



I am a healer, musician, outdoor enthusiast, skier, biker, and mother. 


I have owned and run my own massage and craniosacral therapy business since 2001 while also pursuing a passion for dream interpretation, tarot, the power of positive thinking, and energy healing.


I am a seeker of the truth and have spent countless hours working to identify my own soul’s purpose and overcome my individual obstacles. Through extensive study and practice, I have acquired advanced skills and knowledge and have made substantial personal progress. 

I have always loved working and interacting with a variety of personalities, backgrounds, and goals. However, it wasn't until I approached midlife, that my desire to help others took on a more pressing energy.

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" Wendy is a true craftsperson. She has the knowledge and skills to make this process enjoyable and beneficial."

Ceri Ruenheck

Business Consultant

" I came away from each session feeling refreshed and refocused. Wendy is intuitive, kind, and supportive and I am looking forward to continuing my work with her."

Ann Whitney

Retired Teacher

"Wendy definitely has a gift for pulling together different themes going on in your life and transforming them into positive purposes. I highly recommend working with Wendy and her talents."

Anne Ferguson

Business Owner

"My Soul Purpose Project came to me exactly when I needed it. Wendy provided me with direction and resources to improve many aspects of my life. I love that I got things to do each week to keep me on track."

Jessica Yale

Graphic Designer

" I was pleasantly surprised at how well Wendy used the time and provided connectivity from one session to the next. The follow up with what we discussed was well documented, thorough and timely."

Daryl Fasig

Business Professional


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